To ensure the highest level of safety, Caruso & McGovern crews participate in frequent and thorough training and certification programs. These programs supply them with the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to perform our services safely and efficiently.

Caruso & McGovern’s Safety Plan includes a designated full time Safety Director to administer the following:

  • Safety Training
  • 40 hour OSHA HAZMAT Training
  • 10 hour OSHA Standards Training
  • Tool Box Meetings
  • Competent Person Certification
  • 8 hour OSHA Refresher Training
  • Monthly Meetings
  • New Hire Orientation

Caruso & McGovern is fully committed to having a well-trained work force who are supplied with the proper equipment to ensure our services are performed safely and effectively. We also focus on taking all of the proper measures to enforce the protection of the environment and the community.

All Caruso & McGovern job sites have a Competent Person to inspect, evaluate, identify, and control workplace activities and job hazards. Each Competent Person is fully knowledgeable of the acceptable standard of trenching and is responsible for ensuring these standards are never compromised.